(private, COUPles, parent/child, group)

Learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard!  Your instructor will teach you the fundamentals and provide everything you need to get on the water including an appropriately sized board and paddle and personal flotation device.  Our SUP instruction will cover how to enter/exit the water, paddling stance and board movement, stroke technique and water safety.  You will start your lesson on land, followed by a comprehensive stroke and paddle overview and then on water stroke analysis, turning, stopping and other key movement drills.

Individual and Semi-Private lessons available.  We have trained individuals, couples, parent with children
as well large groups; we'd love to meet your party and help you improve your paddle technique.  
Advanced paddling instruction is also available for endurance or race training.

$60 private lesson (1 hour)

$50 each | lesson for 2 (1 hour)

$40 each | lesson for 3+ (1 hour)

Note: you will have 30 minutes to paddle on your own following the lesson, allowing you to refine your technique and find your true stroke.

Note: Please call to reserve your lesson.